Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hit & Run June 14th: Noshing on the Legal Cowpie

Pardon My French: In Montreal, take care to swear in English (or Finnish, Swahili or Urdu). It's against the law to swear in French.

Don't spit on the streets, either, which is also illegal. And if you spot a Sasquatch in British Columbia, leave the poor beast alone — Sasquatch is a protected species in B.C.

Massachusetts Freak Flags: In this state, it is against the law for men to have their hair dyed or washed in a hair salon. Students at Harvard who grow their hair long are breaking an ancient law that forbids men to have long hair on campus.

In Nebraska, on the other hand, a mother cannot legally give her daughter a home perm without a license. I wonder if she can give her Harvard-bound Cornhusker son a permanent wave?

Moot Court When a streaker dashing across the soccer pitch during a match was tackled by the home team goalie, the goalie — not the streaker, the goalie — was ejected from the game. According to one official, the goalie should not have taken the law into his own hands.

The goalie is a cop, and technically was not wholly off-duty even while playing; he argued that he had a clear duty to end the streaker's exhibition. The officials were not swayed. His expulsion was upheld, his team was then short-sided, and they lost the match.