Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hit & Run May 23rd: Slicing the Legal Cowpie

Fuzzy Logic in Kentucky: In this state, it is against the law to dye baby ducks or chickens, unless you have more than a half-dozen to sell. And if someone else's horse dies on your property in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and the horse owner doesn't remove it within 24 hours, it is the responsibility of the property-owner to dispose of the dead animal.

An ancient law in Kentucky requires that all citizens bathe at least once a year. Lest the aroma kill any horses, or cause chicks and ducklings to turn blue, one supposes.

Moot Court: A couple in Canada sued their real-estate agent for mental anguish and financial damages after they recognized their new house in a TV show about a grisly murder. They watched, horrified, as the show dramatized the crime, in which a man killed his wife, cut her up in pieces and hid the parts around the house — their house.

They might not have had such a strong case, except that many of the pieces have never been found.

There Go the Judge! In South Africa, a judge was faced with a 22-year-old thief who stole candy to get arrested and sent to prison. His plan? To write a book about his experiences.

The judge did sentence him to jail, then had a subsequent hearing where he persuaded the young man to abandon his desire for a stint in the stir. He ended up on probation for the candy theft.



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