Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Next Week in the Bookstore: No New Books?

This is not a list of new books out next week, so much as an announcement: There are no new books next week! (Perhaps there are, but they are paperbacks, or re-releases in audiobook format, or released in a small printing.)

Instead, let's have a quick peek at what's coming for Christmas Week!

  • A new Resnick debuts in the bookstore on Christmas Day itself: A Gathering of Widowmakers. Count on Mike Resnick to deliver a thoughtful new tale cloned from the seed of myth and fable.

  • Greg Iles' Turning Angel turns up on December 27th, a new legal thriller from the pen of "the poster boy of southern gothic thrillers" (Kirkus Reviews).

  • Judith McKnaught returns to the lavish Chicago setting of her popular novel Paradise with Every Breath You Take — look for it December 27th.

  • Iris Johannson's On the Run is another departure from her best-selling Eve Duncan series, involving a pair of toughened ex-CIA agents, buried treasure, plenty of horses and thrilling action. It also comes out December 27th.

  • Also on December 27th, a new Anne McCaffrey/Elizabeth Scarborough collaboration in the Power Play series will appear: Changelings, starring the precocious half-selkie twins from Pataybee.

  • Evolve, adapt, or perish! That's the message Geoffrey A. Moore has for business in Dealing with Darwin: How Great Companies Innovate at Every Phase of Their Evolution. Look for it on December 29th.


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