Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hit & Run June 7th: Chowing Down on the Legal Cowpie

Close Your Eyes, Children!: In Jakarta, Indonesia, an anti-pornography law makes "passionate kissing" in public a crime punishable by a sentence of up to five years in jail. The law defines "kissing on the mouth" as equally reprehensible as public nudity, erotic dancing, and lingerie parties.

Those who witness such acts are also deemed guilty, and can wind up in jail for watching.

Jumbo Parking Fines: There is a traffic law in Orlando, Florida, that requires anyone who leaves an elephant at a parking meter to deposit coins. Elephants are treated "the same as cars" in that city.

Moot Court A motorcyclist was injured as he ran a roadblock during a high-speed chase. He successfully sued the city, claiming the roadblock was improperly set up. The trial jury awarded him $60,000.

The city attorney appealed the decision and won a new trial. The biker didn't get $60K at the second trial — he was awarded $1.5 million instead!