Friday, September 02, 2005

I don't do periods


Now, I don't want to get a lot of flak about this from the distaff contingent, but the leap from rational commentary on any topic to partisan sniping and griping is a lot more like a bad case of PMS than intelligent reaction.

I may be appalled by your spinning of a topic in which I have some knowledge. (I'll call it spin, and forego the blunter word, lie.) Bludgeoning you with words ("Jane, you ignorant slut!") won't convince you, or anyone else reading your comments. It should not.

This is not discourse, it's a shouting match, a battle of wits with all participants unarmed. For non-combatants, it's disgusting, dismaying, distasteful, and, ultimately, unacceptable. We leave the debate.

It's Gresham's law of blogging: bad commenters drive out the good.

Okay, I voted differently than you did, last election. Does that mean I am evil, anathema, consigned to Hell by any just God? Of course not! (Though you may be, I can't say for sure—in fact, I won't say it.)

I don't do periods.


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