Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Kicking the Musak: A Game with Song Titles


Overheard at lunch today: a rowdy bunch of hard-drinking suits playing a noisy game with the restaurant Muzak. It struck me that it might be just as fun to do here, with a slight amendment. Here's how it works:

Propose a song title, giving the name of the artist in a short joke or one-sentence story that plays off either the song's title or its best known lyric.

Some examples:
  1. "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?"
       What Elton John asked as his partner sat down on his lap.
  2. "I can feel it coming 'In The Air Tonight'... Hold on!"
       Phil Collins' apology after a curry dinner.
  3. "Blue Moon"
       Elvis Presley's complaint when a sudden cold snap that caught him in the outhouse.

You get the idea—I'm sure we can outdo a crowd of bank tellers and paper pushers!

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