Wednesday, August 31, 2005

BlogDay 2005 passes, bloggers concentrating on Katrina, disaster relief


Nir Ofir is the initiator of BlogDay 2005. Nir envisions that in one long moment In August 31st 2005, bloggers from all over the world will post a recommendation of 5 new blogs (at the same time) - preferably blogs different from their own in culture, point of view and attitude. On this day, all blog surfers will find themselves leaping and discovering new, unknown blogs, celebrating the discovery of new people and new bloggers.
—Google's top match for BlogDay 2005, Smart Mobs

Self-described "innovation evangelist" and entrepreneur Nir Ofir conceived of BlogDay as a day when bloggers all over the world would visit, post about, perhaps even link to five new blogs of a type they might not have explored before. This idea came from the Israeli blogger's realization that he tended to spend all his time on his own blog.

Not to be outdone, Joho the Blog suggested an escalation: "How about if we link to 5 blogs from countries we don't know enough about?"

But for the most part, bloggers let today's Internet celebration go by unremarked. The blogosphere is focused on Hurricane Katrina, busy organizing disaster relief for the victims in drowned New Orleans and devastated Biloxi.

Perhaps that, after all, is the best recognition of BlogDay 2005.

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