Monday, September 19, 2005

A Strange Streak: Nude News from New Zealand, Scotland


It must be really chilly in Scotland this time of year. According to The Scotsman, four men and two women abandoned their attempt to swim Loch Ness in the nude Saturday when the weather became inclement.

The streaking swim was organized to raise money for Cancer Research UK. A similar event on Loch Ness in July 2000 made £1,500 for Children in Need.

No such lofty purpose for Australia's Green Party foreign-affairs spokesman, Keith Locke, who pledged to streak in Wellington, New Zealand, "if rightist Act Party leader Rodney Hide won a parliamentary seat in the Aukland suburb of Epsom," according to New Brisbane's News 1.

It seems he'll be jogging naked: "Regarded as an outside chance, Hide romped home in the contest Saturday with a 3,200-vote majority."

Then there's Naked News and Naked News: Daily Male, which offer nude news-readers, instead of naked newsmakers, to keep you au courant. It's touted as a "Real Newscast"—the quote marks are their own. Caution: Last two links open sites featuring nudity.

By the way, check out the unintentional comedy of the Amazon "Search Here" arrow—click on the book link at the top of the post to see what I mean!

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