Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"Frank" Loses Genitals, But Moves Into Winery

Sculpture of baggage handler, nearly complete.
    THIS caused accidents? "Frank" before vandals.

In Penticton, British Columbia, "Frank" the Baggage-Handler, a two-meter-tall nude statue of a man surrounded by suitcases, has found a safe haven from the vandals who removed his genitals, broke his ankles, and toppled his suitcases.

The statue, created by sculptor Michael Hermesh, was originally due to be shown through September at its original stand overlooking Okanagan Lake. According to the AP story published in Seattle Post-Intelligencer, however,
Trouble arose soon after Baggage Handler was installed in the downtown turnaround in this lakeside resort early this year. After distracted drivers narrowly avoided accidents, a plate was installed over the genitalia. Then it was removed because it drew attention to the groin area and looked silly.

After the vandalism, Hermesh sold the resin-impregnated plaster sculpture to the Red Rooster Winery, whose owners plan to move him inside. The winery, which was created as "a place where quality wines will continue to be developed and presented; where artists and musicians will showcase their talents," has an art gallery on-site where "Frank" will, one assumes, feel right at home, even without his penis.


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