Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Frozen Custard Gets the Finger: Man Finds Human Finger in Frosty Treat

In Wilmington, NC, last night, according to Ann McAdams and Jeremy Godwin of WWAY in Wilmington, a customer at Kohl's Frozen Custard found an unexpected extra treat in his pint of frozen chocolate custard: a severed human fingertip.

During a freak accident, an employee at the custard shop accidentally put his finger through the hole that dispenses frozen custard. The beaters inside the machine took off the tip of his finger, mixing it into the custard. Then, "through a series of unfortunate events," the finger wound up in Clarence Stowers' custard.
"I said 'Gosh this ice cream is good.' Then I said, 'Gosh, there's something hard in my ice cream," said Clarence, remembering the moments before he found the finger. Clarence said he wished he'd realized it was a finger before he tried to eat it. "I proceeded to put the object in my mouth. Got all the ice cream off of it, spit it in my hand, said 'God, this ain't no nut!' So I proceeded in here to the kitchen, rinsed it off with water, and realized it was a human finger, and I just started screaming," he said.
Stowers said he is contacting a lawyer.

The incident follows a hoax in California in which a woman claimed to have found a human finger in Wendy's Chili at a restaurant in San Jose. Suspicion fell on the Las Vegas woman when no Wendy's employees with missing digits were to be found. Authorities charged the woman last month with attempted grand theft related to millions in dollars of financial losses Wendy's has suffered.

But there's a troubling precedent to Kohl's frozen custard con carne:
The same thing happened last summer at the same Kohl's on College Road. William Franklin had only been working three days when he lost the tip of his right index finger. The State Department of Labor inspected the machine last summer, and determined that it is not dangerous if used properly.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like this guy may have a criminal background, check out this link with a public information background report on what looks to be him...


5/06/2005 10:21 AM  
Blogger BlueAnt said...

For more on the history of severed fingers in food, check out this blog: http://thumbsandfingers.blogspot.com/

5/18/2005 2:47 PM  

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