Sunday, April 17, 2005

Mad Max: Terror in San Antonio


Carrying an homage to your favorite film series too far can land you in jail, at least in Texas.

Saturday, nine people in San Antonio were arrested as they recreated a scene from Mad Max: The Road Warrior on the local freeway, surrounding a tanker truck and brandishing machine guns. The fans were puzzled when other motorists reported the incident as an attack by a "terror militia."

One of the organizers said he couldn't understand how anyone could confuse the costumed crowd with a legitimate terror threat. "I honestly don't know how that could be, because Road Warrior was so over the top," he said.

The fans were on their way to a Mad Max marathon at a local cinema. After the fracas on the freeway, the cinema cancelled the marathon.

Next Saturday: a Texas Chainsaw Massacre marathon! Wendy's chili will be served during intermission.


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