Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wandering The Weblogs

Strange attractors again: In my weekly random walk through blogspots with the Next Blog button, I kept hitting sites with a common theme.

Wandering In the Wasteland is a paean to road-trips. Wander has a sub-head that claims: "Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost. Some of us are simply intoxicated." The Wind-blown Wanderer features whimsy and poetry.

Sleepwalkers' Glory's post today has a poem today titled Whither Wander, followed by a list of the best US places to move to the country. In gipsies of the world [sic], the sub-head description says, "Gipsy Spirit to me is to wander around the world and be a part of everything and to experience life in its wholesome.".

So I began to wonder. Is this a common theme in blogs? I Googled wander+blog and found other interesting sites:

"Not all who wander are lost" is a popular quote. There's not all who wander are lost, a typical girl's diary-blog with memes and musings—in fact, there are several girl's online diaries with the same title. In contrast, Not All Those Who Wander Are LostGnu has a writer who says "I’m a hacker by profession (or pretend to be)". In and Out of Confidence has a post today titled People who wander are not always lost, as did Halfway Down the Danube in January this year.

At, the hot topic is where to find free WiFi hotspots in the Bay Area (San Francisco, I assume). The Wander Woman seems to be a travel guide on the "BootsnAll" Travel Network. We have Jay's Wandering Words and the Wandering Moose's blog.

The Wandering Rocks belongs to a Vancouver Web designer—but if you're worried, there are also Wandering Rocks Solutions. You can find The Wandering Skeptic and The Wandering Webwhore (whose blog is "challenged by popularity").

I could probably spend all night compiling these sites, but you get the picture. I'll leave you with this. Although it doesn't have the word "wander" in it, this post on To Talk In Sudden OutBursts about "What every man should know" may cause your attention to wander.

As for me, I'm going to wander off to bed...

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Blogger TTiSoB said...

nice post...I'll get myself wandering off back to your blog soon :)

Ltrz.. TTiSoB

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