Monday, December 13, 2004

Not a Book (I Think)—To Trouble Born

As I was "Next Blog"-ing, skimming through the other blogspots, I found this heart-wrencher:
I just learned my Granpa is dead. It turns out he actually died several weeks ago, but nobody thought I would need to know. Why!?

I don't mean why did he die—he was 95 or something, according to Mom. I mean why didn't they think I would want to know. He was my Dad's dad, and we don't speak to them any more says Mom. For one thing she says, he was an ornery old man who kept her from being happy with Dad. For another, he didn't leave us anything.

I can't find the words to say how angry I am at her and Dad. Didn't leave us anything? HE LEFT ME ALONE!

Born, the author of the blog Born in the Maze, seems to be writing a real-time account of his/her life. It's not an easy life, based on the few days posted so far. If fiction, it's an interesting take on blog writing. If real, it is a cry for—what? Help? Attention? Guidance?

There isn't much there yet to tell which it might be. The clues are few: the simplistic use of language and adolescent approach to life may be assumed. The relatively sophisticated use of links in each post may only reflect a geeky teen's ability to use HTML.

I'm going to keep eye on it.


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