Monday, November 15, 2004

Stephenson: Cryptonomicon - Sexual Codes (PS warning)

Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon is, as you might guess from the title, heavily involved with decoding signals. One of the more enticing threads within the story covers the sexual codes of the times (circa WWII and day-after-tomorrow), and how the men at the center of the story decipher the sometimes cryptic signals sent by the women they encounter.

In addition to his war-time horniness when faced with a warm Qwlhmian girl in his hammock (in a very cold tower), cryptologist Lawrence Waterhouse also needs to figure out the relationship of Alan Turing with his Teutonic buddy during their pre-war rambles. His grandson Randy is equally blind-sided by his politically-adept (if scientifically and ethically bankrupt) girlfriend.

In WWII Philippines, Bobby Shaftoe meets the extended family of his desired mate. He must please the parents, her brothers and uncles in addition to carrying her up the steep cathedral steps. When Randy meets the granddaughter of this war-time union, neither is really supplied with the code book for translating the contact.

Voluntary chastity (i.e. no masturbation) and the acquisition of really good shoes and really heavy furniture turn out to be requirements for this coupling.

A review by Wes Unruh can be found at The Green Man Review site.


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