Friday, November 26, 2004

Blogging Under the Covers

Okay, this isn't about a book. It's about the blog. Sure, I want to spend more time reading, and that drove my choice of engine. (Blogger - the free stuff under the hood of so many blogsites!).

But I still got sucked into the HTML wiring. And if you notice strange new gizmos sticking out from under the vanilla hood, don't pay me no mind. I'm just eating a Gopher...*

So instead of devouring Stephen Baxter's Evolution, or spending an hour or two munching my way through Daniel Dennett's Freedom Evolves, I'm joining blogdexes and reading up on safe ways to tinker with the wiring. I'm sure it's a passing phase.

*Sorry about the misquote from a great old Hudson and Landry skit. It was the rattlesnake Lloyd at the campfire of the prospectors about whom they said, "Don't pay 'im no mind. He's eating a Gopher."